Enforcement is an essential and powerful element of the Care Inspectorates' core responsibilities and it is central to our aim of protecting service users and bringing about an improvement in the quality of care services.

We have two different types of notices that can be served against care services.

Condition Notices

A condition notice is served when the Care Inspectorate needs to change the conditions of registration of a service in order for it to operate.  If a provider wants to change their conditions of registration, they can apply for a variation.  An application for variation is not treated as “enforcement”.  Read more about variations here.

Improvement Notice

An improvement notice might be served when we have sufficient concerns about a service.  The provider must make the required improvements within a given timescale.  If not, we may pursue the cancellation of that service.  Cancelling a service is rare and we work hard with services to ensure that this is the last resort.

Urgent Proceedings 

If we believe that there is a serious and immediate risk to life, health or wellbeing, we can apply to the Sheriff Court for emergency cancellation of a service's registration or apply for changes to their conditions.

Click here to view/download the Enforcement Policy.

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