Large Scale Investigation Notifications

Since 2014, adult protection codes of practice have required that the Care Inspectorate is alerted to the occurrence of large scale investigations.

This is an expectation that is directed at Local Authorities and now, by extension, HSCPs.

Please notify us on the commencement of a large scale investigation here.

Please notify us of the completion of a large scale investigation here.

Notifications and record keeping 

By law all services must tell us immediately if certain events take place. 

  • Accidents, incidents or injuries
  • Outbreak of infectious disease
  • Death of person using a care service 
  • Allegations of abuse
  • Significant equipment breakdown
  • Allegation of misconduct by a provider or employee
  • Criminal convictions resulting in unfitness of a manager
  • A provider becoming unfit
  • Absence of manager
  • Planned refurbishment/alteration/extension of premises
  • Change of registration details
  • Person living at the registered premises

We have produced comprehensive guidance on the records you must keep and the notifications you must make (click on the links below).